Friday, August 17, 2007

My Recent Activities

Breaking Down ‘Wall of Silence’ on HIV and Safe Sex in Burma
August 15, 2007
The once well-known Burmese actress Swe Zin Htaik talks about her recent efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in Burma. She heads a mass media marketing campaign, in partnership with the international non-governmental organization Population Services International, to encourage condom use in the country as an essential means of preventing the spread of the virus. More information, click here

More women stepping into leadership roles
When famous actress Daw Swe Zin Htaik quit show business seven years ago to begin working as a communications officer for Population Services International, she was looking for a way to prove she could make a difference. For detail info, click here

Burmese films short on improved technology: Swe Zin Htaik
Oct 18, 2006
Grace Swe Zin Htaik, attending the Third Eye 5th Asian Film Festival in Mumbai (India) along with other film directors and actors, said while Burmese film stars, directors and producers are competent and have necessary skills, the lack of latest technology and equipment undermine the quality of Burmese films. The Mizzima New Agency reported. Linke to


Ye-Mon said...

Hello Ma Ma Grace,
I am really glad to know that you started writing blog. You might not remember me although we met several years ago in USIS. Anyway, I am looking forward to read updates in your blog.

Soe Htet ! said...

Hello Ah Ma,
I have visited your blog according to Ko Ye' Mon's ads. Welcome Ma Ma !
Cheers !

Yan said...

Welcome to our bloggers' network, Ahma!
It's really exciting to have you online. Let us know if you need any help with blogging!

Have a good one, Ahma!

Best regards,

Ka Daung Nyin Thar said...


Welcome to the blogosphere!

We are established and united in this virtual world sharing information, news and thoughts.

Once again, I welcome you and wish you happy blogging.

pandora said...

Hi Ma Ma,
Welcome to our blogsphere!
We would love to read your posts about your experiences in the development field as well as memories of film industry. ;P

Thiha said...

Hello Anty,
Welcome to blogsphere !
With due respect,

ရြက္၀ါ said...

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KhunMoung said...

Hello Anty Grace , glad to know you are starting to write blog.Your experiences are bloggable and valuable.I think so.I'm looking forward to reading more your works.
Best Regards,

bluephoenix said...

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